3 different types of house window tinting and the benefits of each

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Your home is somewhere you should feel comfortable, safe, and free to be completely yourself. Window tinting can help in all these aspects by providing you with a shield from the hot summer sun, safety against break-ins, and freedom to be creative. There are a variety of residential window tinting in Calgary to choose from, each with its own unique benefits.

1) Solar Window Films

Did you know the sun’s rays can break down the materials and finish of your furniture and floors, causing them to fade out and crack? You can use solar window films to block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays and help keep your furniture looking new. Not only can window film protect your belongings, but you and your family will be able to comfortably play board games together on a hot summer’s day without overheating. A large volume of heat gets through your windows on those sunny mornings and afternoons, but with solar window films, you can enjoy the light and keep the heat at bay.   

2) Privacy Window Films

Security is important when you have little ones and many prized possessions in your home. Prevent someone from peeping in on you and your family by having privacy window films installed. Window films act as a deterrent to thieves by preventing them from seeing directly into your home but allow you to see out. Keep the shady business away from your residence with the protection privacy window films offer.  

Another great place to use this type of film is for washroom windows, glass showers, or cold cellars to keep people from seeing your private business or collection of rare wines.

3) Security Window Films

If a break-in does occur in your home, then you can be more secure in the knowledge that there won’t be shattered glass left all over for you to injure yourself on. Security window films prevent shards from flying everywhere if the glass breaks. This type of film is more difficult to break through compared to a regular glass windowpane. There may not be a break-in at all when security window films are applied to your windows.

Is there a storm coming? Not to worry as security window films can help your glass windows stay in place even in the most gruesome weather conditions. Help prevent unnecessary breakage from hail or flying debris with a simple security window film.

You might want to use residential window tinting in Calgary just for the beauty of it. You can get creative with the many different frosted and etched decorative window films to match your style. Have fun with the design of your home’s glass features while benefiting from the many positive aspects of window film. You can even order a specialty window film to detail exactly what you are looking for.

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