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Your home is where you spend most of your time. Keep your house protected from the damaging rays of the sun, in turn keeping yourself and your family safe from harmful UV exposure. Our CoolVu transitional window films not only protect you but can help keep your energy costs down. How?

Personal Safety

Stay away from premature ageing and getting sunspots on your skin by having CoolVu window film installed in your home. UV rays can cause skin cancer but CoolVu window film can help prevent it by acting as a protective shield against sunlight entering your home through the windows. This film is like a fortune teller, gauging when the light from outside is too strong and transitions to a darker tint to keep you in the right kind of light. You can now go to work knowing your loved ones are safe from harmful UV exposure.


Stay Cool and Save Money

Summertime comes and the sunlight from outside is heating your house, causing you to feel tired. On-top of the heat, your energy bill comes in and you become frustrated with the cost of keeping your house cool. With proper ventilation, CoolVu can reduce your room temperature by up to 10 degrees through its transitional climate-controlled reactors. Not only will you have more energy for the day but your energy costs will go down because you no longer need to crank up the air conditioning. Put a smile back on your face with CoolVu.


Protects Against Fading

You forget you don’t need sun protection just outside of your home. The sun and various weather patterns can impact the interior of your home over time. UV rays will fade your furnishings, hardwood floors, paintings, and other valuables. Prolong the life of your household items with CoolVu window films. The light-blocking response of this film has unparalleled fade protection when compared to conventional, static window tints.


Count on CoolVu Window Films, guaranteed for the entire time you are living in your home. If any naturally occurring damage occurs to the film, you are protected.

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