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Head into your workspace prepared to be in an enjoyable environment all day. With VISTA™ Solar Control Window Film, the heat from the sun will not slow you down. Don’t sweat it, you’ll stay focused and meet the deadline comfortably.

Heat Reduction and Equalized Temperature

Do you work in an office with lots of windows? Does the sun shine in causing you to be uncomfortably warm while working at your desk? VISTA™ solar control window film can provide a cool relaxed interior environment. Stop wasting time on multiple breaks to cool off. Give yourself a break from your sun-soaked office by using a window tint from Spectra Light.


Maybe the North side of your office is cold causing your employees to freeze while the South section is filled with heat from the sun resulting in your staff sweltering. There is no ideal level of air conditioning to keep everyone comfortable but window film is a solution to your office’s climate. Window film equalizes the temperature throughout the office so you’ll require less production from your air conditioning and get more from your employees.

Window film can help save you energy costs while creating a more efficient and productive working environment for your employees. In addition to its heating and cooling benefits, window film can also help protect the interior of your office space with UV protection technology. Say goodbye to sun damaged furniture, walls and floors with this remarkable UV protection.

Zero Distortion

Are you concerned a window film will create a distorted view of potential customers before they enter your store? Window film lets you see visitors clearly before they enter your premises. Does someone outside look a little suspicious? You’ll know immediately if you should lock your door or welcome them inside with an unobstructed glance through your newly applied window film. Keep your shop safe with a clear view of your visitors.


Free from Glare

Are you straining your eyes while looking at the content on your computer screen due to the glare from the sun? Reduce eye strain and headaches by getting a VISTA™ window film so you can leave the blinds open and let your eyes glide comfortably across the monitor. VISTA™ window films allow for natural light to permeate into your office space without causing a harsh and irritating glare. Enjoy the sunlight, forget the glare, and get more work done with window tinting!

Tested for Surface Temperature

Do you worry your customer will sit down on the office couch and burn their skin on the sun-drenched cushions? It’s never a good idea to put your clients in the hot seat! You need a window film installed. The insulating property of a window film offsets some of the sun’s heat transfer to the couch material. Let your customers be comfortable by calling us today for window film installation.

Aesthetically Appealing

You want your customers to have a good experience when visiting your office. Faded furniture, sun-bleached floors and deteriorating artwork give a bad first impression. Keep your customer focused on your product, not your faded interior, by installing VISTA UV Shield™ (a separate layer within the window film). Protecting your items from sun damage drastically reduces fading and premature ageing.

Privacy Window Film Solutions

Are you concerned about the look of your storefront from the outside? Unappealing checkerboard reflection from the blinds and cardboard taped to the glass is not a good solution to keep out the sun. Window film provides a better exterior aesthetic without compromising the temperature inside the building. Our VISTA™ Spectrally Selective film is virtually invisible allowing you to display showcase items anywhere you want. This film reduces the heat and damaging UV rays, helping to protect your items and allowing for complete visibility of the products.

Cost Efficient

Take financial burdens off the table with window film installation. You already pay for tons of stuff for your business. Stop purchasing blinds and costly air-conditioners; instead, save money by reducing your energy costs with window film. Window film keeps the heat from the sun out, so you can stay cool in your workspace.

UV Protection and Privacy Window Film Solutions

Block UV Radiation

Stay healthy by blocking out UV radiation from the sun. Reducing exposure to UV rays can help prevent skin cancer. How? Install window film to filter out harmful radiation so you and your employees steer clear of health concerns. The VISTA™ UV shield is even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Do you want to see what your store will look like with window film before you get it installed?

We can do this for you by creating a model of your building and recreating it with VISTA™ window film applied. Comparing the before and after will give you a better idea of the esthetics. The benefits window film provides will likely pay for itself within a few years. Many business owners have already benefited from the installation of window film. Give us a call to discuss how you can improve the comfort, security and functionality of your building.


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