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Did you know that by protecting your windows you could be protecting your business? Accidents happen, in Alberta harsh weather such as hail, rain and snow can cause a window to shatter. Additionally, an unforeseen event such as a rock flying through the window or someone trying to break in through the glass can leave you with irreversible and costly damage. Luckily, we have a solution. VISTA™/Llumar™ Magnum security film is a unique window film, applied directly to the glass that can help prevent the window breaking and/or shattering. This strong and powerful window film will help hold glass in place when impact strikes it.

Reduce the risk of getting robbed with VISTA™/Llumar™ Magnum security film. How? This special window film is made to hold glass together should it experience a strong impact. Instead of being able to easily make a hole or shatter through the glass, a thief would need more time and effort to break into your shop. Your store becomes less of a target for a smash and grab situation.


Security/safety films can be installed in a variety of locations around commercial buildings. From floor to ceiling windows, to sliding glass doors, safety films can be customized to perfectly fit the size and shape of any of the windows that need to be protected in your business. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of VISTA™/Llumar™ Magnum security film for your business.

Another benefit of this window film is there is less chance of anyone in the store being injured due to shards being strewn everywhere. VISTA™/Llumar™ security film prevents the spread of broken glass by keeping it somewhat contained within the film. This type of glass is actually required in daycares and preschools. Why? To protect kids in case of accidental glass breakage. In the event that the glass shatters following impact, the window film will act as a protective layer preventing staff and customers from getting injured from the glass.

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Safeguard someone from choking on a random piece of glass by installing a safety/security window film to your food service building. A sudden storm can break glass but with a window film, it won’t shatter into little pieces and get in the food being prepped. Some golf courses have this film in the clubhouse to protect clients from an accidentally off-kilter swipe of the golf club.

Where are some other areas that we have installed Vista™/Llumar™ security film?

    • Elevators
    • Restrooms
    • Display areas
    • Architectural elements

High-traffic areas with windows or other surfaces are vulnerable to costly vandalism. Save yourself the costs of replacing a window and get a protective layer instead. Call us to get the job done.


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