3 Reasons To Hire Professional Commercial Window Tinting

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Commercial window tinting

Do a quick generic Google search for ‘window tinting’ and you’ll find many products for DIY projects. These store-bought window films are tempting because of the cheaper price and the process doesn’t seem too challenging. After all, how hard is it to apply a window tint to your commercial building and call it a day? 

Most people are surprised at how detailed the process can be and, when attempting to do it on their own, are often left with crooked and bubbled window tint. Furthermore, time, effort, and money are wasted. Let’s discuss 3 reasons why hiring professional commercial window tinting is your best route.

1. Professional-grade window tint is made of high-quality materials

Remember, cheaper is not always better – especially when it comes to commercial window film. Professional window film is made of high-grade materials that are designed to last. You can tell that window film is poorly made because it will quickly start to fade, purple, crack, and turn at the corners soon after installation. 

High-quality commercial window film can:

You would be hard-pressed to find the above qualities at a cheap price. In fact, the low cost should be a deterrent and indicate that the window film is poorly made.

2. Professional window tinting is safer

Professionals have the certifications and training to install window film safely, including Fall Protection, Lift Certification, First Aid, WHMIS, and are insured. Workers keep these certifications up-to-date to ensure a safe work environment and know how to handle emergencies and injuries. We advise you to never attempt installing window film at high heights without the proper training and certifications.

For the best results, look for a commercial window film company that has technicians with a Masters Accreditation in Window Film Training from The International Window Film Association. This is the highest level of training that window installation specialists can receive and you’re guaranteed excellent, professional-looking results.

3. Customized commercial window film 

Another limitation with store-bought commercial window film is that they’re not customized for your business. When working with a professional company, you have the option of designer or etched film that matches the aesthetics of your brand. Additionally, you can have your logo and company name as part of the overall look. It’s the small, thoughtful details that can really make an impact and a great first impression on your customers. 

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