5 Benefits of Llumar® Privacy Window Film

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Llumar Privacy Window Film Services

Did you know Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada? Our city receives 333 days of sunshine annually! And for the most part, there are no complaints about that. However, all that sunshine can have its drawbacks. Namely, the excessive light seeping into your home, adding glare to your television, and overheating your living space. So what can you do?

Try privacy window film. Window film is an application solution that reduces glare and rejects solar heat. And at Spectra Light, we provide Llumar® privacy window film services. Keep reading to learn about window film and how it can help you live more comfortably!

1. Cooling Ability

Your house can become uncomfortably hot baking in the sun, and this fact is often due to efficiency problems. The sun’s solar rays penetrate your untreated windows, heating your home like a slow roast crock pot. Llumar® privacy window film features a cooling ability that can provide relief. Once applied, the product acts as a heat reduction agent, cooling your home to a comfortable level despite the rising outside temperatures.

2. Glare Reduction

Sun glare is irritating. Of course, you can install blinds or curtains to minimize glare; but you’ll compromise your outside view. And that’s not ideal—especially if your home has a beautiful field of vision. The solution? Window film! You can enjoy watching television and hanging with friends and family in a glare-free home with Llumar® privacy window film.

3. More Privacy

Imagine doing a home workout or laying down the yoga mat for light stretching in your living room. And out of the corner of your eye, bystanders observe you as they pass your home. Privacy window film makes it difficult for outsiders to peep into your living space. But more than just increasing privacy, this product also hides your valuables, doubling as a security feature.

4. Durable Design

Llumar® privacy window film offers a scratch-resistant surface. Its durable design stabilizes the glass even under intense breaking pressure or forceful impacts. With this window film solution, a burglar would be hard-pressed to gain unlawful access to your home. You can enjoy more comfort, knowing your house is protected from punishing storms or thieves.

5. UV Protection

Your home’s standard-glass windows won’t block all of the sun’s UV rays. Extended exposure can damage skin and contribute to the warping of interior finishes and the fading of upholstery. For this reason, treating your home with window film is a prudent choice. Privacy window films can protect your family and belongings from the sun’s UV rays.

What’s Next? Consider Privacy Window Films for Your Home!

You can live more comfortably in your home with Llumar® privacy window films. An adequately treated home will regulate temperature, increase privacy, and give you peace of mind. At Spectra Light, we have 30 years of industry experience. And with a reputation for quality service and products, we continue serving Calgary and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to treat your home with window film.

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