What to consider when choosing between decorative film vs. custom etched glass

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Custom Window Films

Are you looking to add a bit of character to your windows? Decorative film and custom etched glass is great for this. When it comes to decorative film vs. custom glass, both options can provide different advantages. So, which should you choose? Read below to discover why you should consider these window treatments for your home or commercial space.

Decorative film


Decorative film can provide you with privacy while still allowing light to flow into a room. As an added benefit, this privacy option offers more security in your office space, helping to reduce the chance of burglary. Decorative film is ideal for use in washrooms, closet spaces, or front entrances of your home so others are not peeping into your private business.

Easy to remove or replace

Have you gotten sick of the old design on your decorative film? Maybe you have decided you just don’t want decorative film anymore. It can be easily removed or replaced without damage to the glass. Warm soapy water can be used to remove the film, or you can choose to steam it off. Using a razor blade to get rid of excess residue is always the best way to finish the removal process.


Decorative window film is affordable since there are no intensive labour or material costs associated with the install. It also weighs less than heavy sheets of custom etched glass so any shipping will be minimal.

Custom Etched Glass


Though both custom etched glass and decorative film can last for a long time without needing to be repaired or replaced, custom etched glass might be a better choice if you are worried about peeling. Etched designs won’t peel off as a result of incidents like children or pets picking at them because the design is part of the glass.

Thermal-efficient properties

Do you feel a cold draft coming from your window? Custom etched glass window film can greatly improve the insulation because it can be constructed for thermal efficiency. Etched windows can be used on strong double-paned glass.

Endless design choices

Etched glass can be custom designed to provide you with details to your exact specifications. A company logo or image you created from your dreams the night before can be etched into the glass. Any artistic motif can be incorporated into your window design with custom etched glass!

Decorative film or custom etched glass window film are available in several styles for you to choose from. Are you still unsure which one you want to choose? Ask your local window company for their professional advice.

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