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Are you worried about a smash and grab in your home? Reduce the risk with our VISTA™/Llumar™ Magnum security films. Security film will hold glass together in the event of breakage from impact or explosion. If someone tries robbing your place, they will have a difficult time getting through the glass. After the application of the film, your windows will not easily shatter. With less opportunity to gain easy access, the burglar may give up instead of entering your home.

Maybe you live near a ball diamond, playground or golf course. Your worst nightmare has come true as someone accidentally sends a ball smashing through your window. Instead of creating a hole or sending shattering glass in your direction, the VISTA™/Llumar™ Magnum security film will stay in-tact reducing the risk of accidental damage or injury. Your loved ones and precious memorabilia will remain unharmed by the nearby window.

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Security/safety film is commonly used on entry or back doors, side windows, basement windows, or on any glass with easy access for thieves. What gives this window film powerful results? A heavy-duty polyester film that is bonded with special adhesives.

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Can you use these materials on existing windows or glass panes in your house? Yes, you can apply a film to the interior of new or existing glass. Applied to the interior side of the window, VISTA™/Llumar™ Magnum security films are available in 2-13mm thicknesses. We also provide a 7-mil exterior safety film.

Do you want a tinted security film? We have ones to give you UV protection and security, all in one.

Your security and peace of mind are important so let us help you achieve a high level of security in your home.


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