Decals vs perforated window film for your business: Which is better?

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It’s a classic form of advertising that will never lose its touch – decals and perforated graphic window films for businesses. Both options are a great way to catch your customers’ attention, and the ‘better’ choice really depends on your preferences, needs, and budget. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the differences between the two to help you decide which option is ideal for your business.

Decals vs perforated window film for your business: Which is better? 1

What is perforated graphic window film?

Perforated window films are made from vinyl with small perforation or ‘holes’ that allow for printing. They can be designed and customized to fit the specific dimensions of the window or building, regardless of the size, odd angles, or curves. The customization options are endless with perforated graphic window films.

Typically, they come with an adhesive on the back to stick to the exterior window, providing a smooth and seamless look. They are perfect for businesses that want to stand out and make an impression on their customers.

Some of the pros of perforated window film include:

  • Eye-catching and bold designs can be seen from great distances
  • When the windows are fully covered, it adds a layer of privacy
  • Reduces heat penetration
  • Allows some natural light in

A disadvantage of perforated window film is that they can be more expensive than window decals, but they typically last longer and are more resilient against the elements.

What are window decals?

Window decals are images, graphics, and/or letters adhered to a glass surface. The main difference between window film and decals is that decals are transferred onto another surface while window film uses adhesives. The different types of window decals include:

  • Clear – Printed on a transparent vinyl sheet with no background
  • Opaque – Printed on a white vinyl sheet with a solid background
  • Perforated – The perforated vinyl sheet provides a medium background without blocking the view entirely
  • Frosted – Printed on a sheet with a frosted finish
  • Vinyl lettering – Individual letters, numbers, or graphics

Window decals are ideal if you are looking for a temporary solution for events or advertising special offers. You can use a combination of both perforated graphic window film and decals to stand out against the competition.

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