Elite Window Film Designation: We Are Certified SelectPro Vista/LLumar Dealers!

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Certified Select Pro Vista Llumar dealers

Every industry comes with its set of unique nominations that recognize product excellence and quality service. And the window film industry is no exception. With a high barrier to entry, prestigious designations are awarded to companies that provide premium residential and commercial window film services. Case in point? The Certified SelectPro Vista/Llumar Dealer Designation! This esteemed recognition acknowledges elite window film dealers, which Spectra Light proudly qualifies. Keep reading to learn more. 

What is a Certified SelectPro Vista/LLumar Dealer?

LLumar is a top, authoritative architectural window film dealer; its portfolio is the industry standard. As such, any commercial or residential window film providers they recognize are a reflection of their high-ranking calibre. So this designation is more than a run-of-the-mill recognition; it is an acknowledgement of consistent superiority in window film quality. 

LLumar is an international network of elite dealers known for delivering precise installation, expert service, and exceptional results. In addition, only these select companies retain exclusive authorization to sell LLumar SelectPro’s most premium products. 

Why You Should Choose an LLumar SelectPro Dealer

You can feel confident knowing your commercial or residential film project is in expert hands when you choose to work with LLumar’s elite dealers. Expect the highest quality service. From the window film selection to the installation (and everything in between), the process is performed with the utmost care and attention to detail when working with an LLumar SelectPro Dealer. 

LLumar Architectural Window Film 

As a Certified SelectPro Vista/LLumar Dealer, we at Spectra Light offer premium products for solar control, energy savings, safety, and security. Other advantages include:

  • Reflective, non-reflective, and Low-E choices 
  • Prevents up to 99% of UV rays that cause fading 
  • Enhances indoor privacy and comfort, providing more peace of mind 

Final Thoughts

Only elite dealers are selected to qualify for this status. As such, we at Spectra Light are honoured to be placed amongst this prestigious group. Moreover, LLumar is upgrading the security films this year. So we now have improved and stronger security films with some new levels of thickness for better protection. So if you’re ready for premium residential or commercial window film, contact us today to learn more!

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