Happy Holidays from Spectra Light Window Film

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Happy Holidays - Spectra Light

To you and yours from everyone at Spectra Light, we wish you happy holidays! We can’t thank our customers enough for your continued support this past year. As a local company supporting Alberta’s economy, we genuinely appreciate your business and will continue to support you with quality window film tinting in Calgary for years to come.

Keeping Your Home Safe this Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full swing, and the festivities have already begun. Unfortunately, that also means a rise in the incidence of thefts and break-ins. Criminals know residents are often away visiting friends and family, shopping for Christmas gifts, or enjoying winter vacations during this time of year. Statistically, this is the time of year when most break-ins occur, and often, they happen when criminals enter the home through easy-to-access windows. 

Follow these tips to keep the glass on your home safe this winter:

  • Avoid leaving presents or expensive products by the window: If you plan to be away from your home during the holidays, stow away your valuables. Having expensive items in plain view of the window allows intruders to ‘grab and dash.’ 
  • Install shatter-proof window film: Security film is designed to strengthen glass, making it more difficult for intruders to enter the home. What would have taken them seconds to break will take a few minutes and extra effort to smash. Remember, intruders want to be quick when breaking into a home or establishment, which means anything that takes them longer than a few seconds will likely have them abandoning the attempt.
  • Place tinted film on main windows and doors: For added privacy, you can choose from different shades of tinted window film. This decision will deter people from looking in and seeing what you have in your home or business. Alternatively, consider window film that’s reflective from the outside and transparent from the inside of the home or business so you can enjoy more privacy without compromising the view inside your residence or establishment.
A Safer Holiday with Spectra Light

If you’d like to enhance the safety of your home this holiday season, Spectra Light can help. Contact us today to obtain a quote and protect you and yours from burglary and theft.

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