Happy Holidays From Spectra Light!

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From our team at Spectra Light to you and your family, we wish you a Happy Holidays and an abundant, healthy New Year! We can’t thank you enough for your continued support this past year and during some of the most challenging times for many of us. As a local company supporting Alberta’s local economy, we genuinely appreciate your business and we will continue to provide you with quality window film tinting in Calgary for years to come. 

The holiday season is in full swing and festivities are right around the corner. Unfortunately, theft and break-ins increase around this time of year criminals know that residents are away visiting friends and family, doing some Christmas shopping, or on winter vacation, and that some businesses are closed during the holidays. Statistically, most break-ins happen through windows that are easy to access.

Here are some of our top tips to keep the glass on your home and business safe. 

1. Avoid leaving presents and showcasing expensive products by the window while you’re away

Having valuable items at the window is an open opportunity for introducers to ‘grab and dash’. For this reason, it’s best to keep your presents and expensive products hidden. 

2. Install shatter-proof window film 

In the event that there is an attempted break-in, security film is designed to keep glass together so that it’s much harder for intruders to get through. What would have taken them seconds to break will take a few minutes and extra effort to smash. Remember, intruders want to be quick when they’re breaking into a home or establishment so anything that takes them longer than a few seconds will likely have them abandoning the attempt. 

Shatter-proof window film also enhances safety – because the window won’t shatter into thousands of pieces, it minimizes the chances of your family or staff getting seriously injured with glass shards.

3. Place tinted film on main windows and doors

For added privacy, you can choose from different shades of tinted window film that will deter people from looking in and seeing what you have in your home or business. There is also a type of window film that is reflective from the outside and transparent from the inside of the home or business. You can enjoy more privacy without compromising the view inside your residence or establishment.

As a bonus tip for the winter months, consider adding solar film. One of the biggest misconceptions is that UV rays only exist during the hot summer months, but the light reflecting off the snow is just as, if not brighter, than the light we get during the summer. Solar film also helps keep heat in and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or business, which leads to costs savings in your utility bills!

And with presents, celebrations, outings, dinners, and more, who doesn’t want to save money where they can? 

If you’d like to give the gift of a window film installation to a family or friend, give us a call and we can work out a plan with you. We hope that you enjoy this special time with your loved ones and look forward to serving you in 2022 and beyond!

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