Window Films, Tints, and Coatings: What’s the Best Choice for Your Windows?

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Commercial Window Films in Calgary

Whether you’re attempting to block UV rays from seeping through your windows or hoping to enhance privacy and add a layer of security, you’ve likely considered window film for your Calgary home or business. If you’ve started exploring your options, you’ve likely uncovered an array of window films, tints, and coatings. Navigating through the various options out there can seem overwhelming at first—especially if you’re not a window film expert.

What’s the Difference Between Films, Coatings, and Tints?

Window film, window coating, and window tint are three distinct window treatments, each with unique features. Window film is a thin, adhesive material that’s applied to interior or exterior windows. It is available in various types, including solar control film, decorative film, security film, and privacy film. While solar window films are designed to reduce heat and glare, security films reinforce glass to prevent shattering.

In contrast, window coating is a liquid or spray-on treatment that’s applied to a window’s exterior surface. These coatings provide hydrophobic, self-cleaning properties, enabling windows to repel dirt and water to maintain clarity. In some cases, window coatings also offer UV protection and heat reduction benefits.

Window tint is typically the most affordable of these three window treatments but it’s also the one with the least durability. It’s designed to enhance privacy and reduce glare and heat; however, unlike window films, it tends to chip off over time—especially when exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Which Window Treatment is Best?

Window films are the best, most reliable option in almost every residential or commercial application. While tints, coatings, and films all offer various benefits, only professional window film is long-lasting, weather-resistant, and able to enhance the security and comfort of your home.

Professionally Installed Window Film in Calgary

Window films offer an array of benefits for home and business owners seeking a lasting option for window tint in Calgary. Our films are durable and effective, offering various benefits, such as enhanced security, increased privacy, and reduced heat and glare indoors. Specta Light stands behind our work and the quality of our products. We’re an exclusive dealer for VISTA and Llumar window films, and we hold a Master’s Accreditation in Window Film with the International Window Film Association.

Contact Spectra Light today to learn more about our window film options or to schedule an appointment with our team of professionals.

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