Commercial CoolVu



Do you have an office with lots of windows? Is the sun glaring in on you, making it hard to read your computer screen or uncomfortable to sit in the extreme heat all day? You need CoolVu transitional window films. Why? CoolVu uses technology to its advantage and offers you window film that is the world’s first stable climate-responsive film. The film transitions to a darker tint on days with lots of sun to keep you cool. It remains unchanged on cloudy days and during the night, providing you with a clear view of outside while maximizing any sun coming through.

Maximized Natural Light

Rely less on artificial lighting with CoolVu. Some types of man-made light are harmful to your cells and can cause skin cancer after prolonged exposure. You wouldn’t live in an unsafe environment so why work in one? Improve the well-being of you and your co-workers with proper amounts of sun exposure without the harsh glare that comes with it.


Improved Productivity

Do you find your employees are losing out on vital work hours due to the uncomfortable heat beating down on them? Let your staff work comfortably throughout the day without the need to take numerous breaks from the hot sun coming through the windows.


CoolVu Window Films:

  • Blocks 99% of UV radiation
  • Stops 80% of the sun’s IR heat
  • Transitions up to 35% in direct sunlight
  • Safe for LowE and insulated glass


CoolVu Window Films have 10-year commercial coverage warranty from the date of installation. What does this mean? You are covered if your windows have any sort of defect such as blistering, peeling, turning purple or bubbling.

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