Window tinting vs blinds: A guide to choosing the right window treatment

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Window tint Calgary

If you’re in the market for new window treatment, you’re likely looking at a few options; blinds and window tinting included. While we’re all familiar with traditional window blinds, window tinting in Calgary is a contemporary option that’s rapidly gaining popularity.

There are many benefits to window blinds, including reducing visible light and providing privacy. Modern blinds also come in a variety of styles and colours that can match any interior. Window tinting, on the other hand, can offer a few advantages that blinds don’t.

Window tinting Calgary
Window tinting Calgary

Easy maintenance

Unlike blinds, window tint doesn’t collect dust and are simple to clean and maintain. They’re also easy to apply and remove without damaging the film.

Increased safety

Additionally, window tinting protects the actual window. Think of the film that you apply on your cellphone or mobile device to protect it from shattering or getting scratched. When a window is shattered, the film keeps the glass together and prevents shards from scattering.

Heat rejection

During hot Calgary summers, tinted windows keep your home nice and cool by reflecting sunlight. In turn, you’ll save money on your air conditioning bill and create a more comfortable environment.

Offers UV protection

Along with heat rejection, window film also protects your home from the damage of UV rays, which can bleach furniture, flooring, and other items close to your windows. Furthermore, you and your family are protected against harmful UV rays that filter into your home. Blinds only block UV rays when the blinds are closed.

Added privacy

Window tinting provides privacy without compromising the view of the outdoors. From the outside, your windows will be a dark screen to onlookers but clear from the inside. This keeps your family safe without completely covering the scenery.

Controls glare

Unless you have blackout blinds that flood your home with darkness, blinds can still produce a glare on your TV, cellphone, computer, or mobile devices. Window tint in Calgary prevents glare while still allowing sunlight in.

Final thoughts

The argument for whether window tinting is better than traditional blinds really depends on your preferences and goals. Do you want a window treatment that matches the aesthetics of your home? Are you looking for an option that provides privacy while controlling glare, reducing heat, and protects your windows? If you’re looking for more benefits than what blinds can offer, window tinting is an excellent solution!

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