Should you secure your business with bulletproof glass film?

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No glass film is entirely bulletproof – this is the first important piece of information you need to know. “Bulletproof” glass film is essentially security film made with high-strength polyester that is tough to shatter. Be wary of any company claiming to sell completely bulletproof glass film as any window can shatter with enough force or a big enough bullet.

When we talk about bulletproof glass film, business owners may turn away from the idea because it seems extreme. However, if you think of this glass film as an added level of security for your business, it becomes easier to determine whether your business needs it. The main goal here is to provide a film that offers ballistic resistance to keep the glass in place when hit with a hard object or during extreme weather conditions. Here are a few questions that will help you decide if your business can benefit from security glass film.

Does your business experience high foot traffic?

For companies that see a lot of clients, employees, service reps, and other patrons through the door, security films add safety in the rare incident that the window is hit with a hard object or hail. If this happens, security film keeps the glass in place and reduces the risk of injury to those who use your building.

Have you had an incident of glass breaking?

If you’ve already had an incident where glass has shattered in your business, you might be wondering how you can prevent the situation from happening again. Security glass film is a cost-effective alternative to replacing the glass and frame to fit a thicker and heavier glass.

Could you benefit from having an extra level of security?

Unfortunately, break-ins and thefts happen. Any business that houses computers with sensitive information, expensive equipment, cash, and other valuables can benefit from having an added level of protection. If a burglar attempts to break into your establishment through the windows, security glass film makes this extremely challenging. Instead of the glass shattering into tiny pieces, the glass will remain intact. Remember, criminals want to get in and out as quickly as possible and anything that requires extra time and effort will deter them from entering the building.

Do you have a display area showcasing valuable products?

Storefronts that feature a display of products to advertise the business are more likely to experience a break-in. The windows are typically large and the products are easy to grab, making it an ideal situation for potential theft. While there’s no guaranteed way to completely prevent criminals from a break-in attempt, you can protect your business with security film.

Do you live in an area that experiences harsh weather conditions?

Security film is not only meant to prevent theft. In Calgary, where large golf-ball-sized hail is common, security glass film can help you protect your building, reduce weather-related damage, and keep the people inside safe.

Do you want to reduce your monthly energy bills?

This is a surprising factor for business owners. Security film helps regulate the internal temperature of a home or building, which can decrease your monthly energy bills. Further, the security film is UV-resistant which can help protect your furniture and floors from sun damage.

Final thoughts

Virtually any type of glass can be fitted with security film, including elevator glass, restroom glass, residential windows, display cases, and more. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution that provides many benefits, consider installing security film on your windows and glass components of the building.

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