The Unmatched Benefits of Residential Window Films

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Residential Window Films

Every home should be a place of solace, comfort, and safety for its residents. There is no exception to this rule. So if you find yourself feeling unsafe, high-risk, or precarious in any way, shape or form in your home – it’s important to address the reasons as to why that is. For many people, it’s the lack of strength in their fragile windows. 

And this is understandable, after all, window break-ins are one of the most common ways burglars enter a home. For this reason, you’ll want to ensure your place of solace is well protected. And one the best ways to do that is with…

Residential window films service in Calgary

Residential window films are of great utility. They are specially designed and incorporated into your current casement to safeguard the glass and prevent it from smashing in the event of a break-in or robbery. The film can also block excessive and overbearing heat, ensuring hot air is kept out of your home so it retains its cool interior. 

And that’s not all, window film can also protect your furnishings from dangerous UV rays while simultaneously ensuring you as well as your visitors remain cool on those particularly balmy days.

Additional benefits of residential window film include:

  • Growing energy savings: Imagine the potential savings that can be yours with a reduced energy bill due to your wise choice of investing in residential window film. Reduced heat means less strain on your AC, which in turn, means more money in your pocket.
  • Allows for more privacy: Pedestrians walking by will get an obstructed and blocked view of your home’s interior without the sunlight being compromised on your side.
  • Your home will have a beautified slant: Aside from its numerous benefits that enhance your quality of life, residential window film also offers a stylish appearance that will add uniqueness to your home’s aesthetic.

Residential Solar Film

Are you tired of the sun’s incessant glare infiltrating your home? Want a solution that will block out that penetrating sunlight? The overreaching sun can feel inescapable as the nonstop glares punctuate every room. And many traditional drapes and blinds – while effective in blocking out the sun’s menacing glares – also block the illuminating natural light that accentuates your home decor. 

But if you believe in having the “best of both worlds”, then you won’t settle for subpar performance from a jerry-built product. With residential solar films, you don’t have to! At Spectra Light, we offer residential solar films for the progressive and forward-thinking thinking homeowner. 

Designer and Etched Films

Quiet seclusion. Peaceful solitude. Absolute privacy. 

Imagine a living space with these traits. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with designer and etched films. If you’re someone with a house full of roomies or you have nosy neighbours, this is the window film you’ll want and will grow to love. 

In addition to its retreat encouraging attributes, this window film also offers a myriad of styles that can be tailor-made for nearly any room. So whether you want an opulently smeared shower film for your bathroom or sophisticatedly opaque glass for your home office, we at Spectra Light are here to make your desire a reality. 

Security and Safety Films

In Canada, a break-in happens every 90 seconds, and most of those burglars gain entry through a broken window. With this being the case, taking the proper precautions could save you not only a break-in but also the emotional pain associated with such an alarming event. 

Minimize those chances by getting ahold of our security films. This second to none safety film will bandage glass and keep it firmly held in place if an outside force strikes its veneer. 

If an intruder attempts a home invasion, they will be met with an unyielding and unwavering window. Due to this reinforced strength, any attempt to shatter your window will prove ineffective, which will deter the intruder, and more than likely result in them fleeing. 

CoolVu Transitional Films

You’ve seen the damaging effects the sun’s rays can have on your home and your belongings. Furniture colouration fades, wooden possessions begin to bend and warp, and the unceasing sun can even affect your mood as well as that of your loved ones. Take control with Coolvu transitional films. 

With CoolVu transitional film, you can protect yourself, your family, and your belongings from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. Moreover, you also get the added benefit of additional savings, as CoolVu films can reduce your house temperature by 10 degrees!

This can result in huge savings due to you not having to run your air conditioner on overdrive during those unforgivingly hot summer months. 

Final Thoughts

Windows don’t get enough praise; they do so much more than let sunlight into your home. They add life to your house and provide you with an all-encompassing view of the world around you – all from the comfort of your living room. They provide protection, safety, fresh air and so much more.For these reasons – as well as countless others – your windows deserve the proper treatment. Contact us today to learn about our window film options to see which is best for you.

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