Benefits of Security Films for Schools

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Security Films for Schools

Schools are vital. They are the educational training grounds used to develop the minds of the future. For this reason, they are indispensable and must be protected. Similar to other buildings, structures, and edifices, educational facilities are typically considered to be safe and imperturbable. And while this is usually the case, that doesn’t mean that they’re without their weak points. 

For schools everywhere, the windows are the weakest link in the building’s chain of physical components. As such, safety is often compromised in such examples. All it takes is an aggressive storm, an intruder, or debris falling from a moving vehicle to damage a school window that’s not properly protected. 

And that’s why we here at Spectra Light offer security films to assist with these possibilities. Keep reading to learn more.

Ballistic Glass for Schools

Security films (or safety window films, as they’re also referred to as) are used for additive safety and security in a myriad of commercial buildings and facilities. This special film comes in either clear or tinted options and is easily installed simply by applying it over your current window. Ballistic films are strongly advised if you want to safeguard your school facility from potential threats such as trespassers, as well as hail, wind, and thunderstorms. 

Moreover, security film  is so effective that it is often used in financial institutions, corporate organizations, and even in other schools. This security film will ensure the safety of your facility and its occupants by bolstering your windows’ strength and deterring potential trespassers.  

Other benefits of commercial security window film include:

  • Protection against riots, civil unrest, and other unruly circumstances
  • Prevents burglary and forced entry
  • GSA blast mitigation compliant
  • Holds shattered glass in place
  • Defense for schools and all kinds of other commercial institutions

Additional Services

At Spectra Light, we pride ourselves on serving the wonderful community of Calgary. As such, we offer a myriad of window film services to help protect your space and improve its quality. Keep reading to learn more about our additional services

Commercial Services

Are you a business owner? If so, then it’s probably fair to say that you (and your employees) enjoy your privacy when in the office. One of the best methods to ensure this is through the advent of our commercial window film services. Spectra Light offers a plethora of commercial window films and a highly specialized team of qualified professionals who can install them in your workplace. 

Regardless of whether you’re trying to conserve energy, enhance privacy, or just feel more comfortable and secure while at the office, Spectra Light has the commercial window films you need to ensure these outcomes. 

Designer and Etched Films and Printed Graphics

An affordable method for not only protecting your office space, but also for providing additional privacy and allowing sunlight to illuminate the facility, designer and etched films and printed graphics can do it all. At Spectra Light, you will find a plethora of tinges, colours, and designs to complement the decor of your business.  

Our designer and etched window films bring the peace of mind that comes with privacy and seclusion. Moreover, these attributes are provided tastefully and with a degree of style that will help your office space to stand out. 

Coolvu Transitional Films

If your office is punctuated with an array of windows, then you understand the frustration that comes with the glaring sunlight. This can impede productivity as it can blur computer screens, or it can simply make things uncomfortably hot in the office. As such, we here at Spectra Light offer coolvu transitional films that respond to the climate. 

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to adjust itself according to the atmospheric conditions at the time, coolvu transitional films are the first of their kind. The film darkens on hot days to ensure you remain cool, and retains its original tinge on overcast days (or the nighttime) to optimize whatever sunlight is available. 

Solar Films

Solar films can protect you from the overbearing heat on those dog days of summer. This is a product that will go a long way in your office space; helping to ensure worker productivity as well as office comfortability all year long. Solar films provide alleviation from the overwhelming sun and allow for a relaxing work environment at a comfortable room temperature. 


Whether you need ballistic window films to protect your school, or coolvu transitional films to make your workplace more comfortable, at Spectra Light, we are here to meet your needs. We have been proudly serving Calgary by helping homes and businesses experience the benefits of quality window films. 

Our environmentally conscious product line sets us apart and has helped us to become the largest window film company in Southern Alberta. As such, if you’re interested in window films for your home or business, or you simply have a few questions, we’re here to help – contact us today for more information. 

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