The Importance of Commercial Window Films for Your Business

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Commercial Window Films

Do you own a business or company? Would you like to have more privacy for your organization? If so, you’re not alone. Many business owners prefer a little isolation that separates their order of operations from the public. If this sounds like you, then you may want to consider commercial window film services in Calgary. 

Why? Because it will keep the daily functions of your business under wraps, and you – in addition to your employees – won’t have to worry about any prying eyes. This is the utility of commercial window films. Keep reading to learn more. 

Commercial Window Films Services in Calgary

Over a lifetime, the average person spends an estimated 90,000 hours working. That’s one third of their life. If you’re investing that much of your time on the job, it makes sense that you’ll want to feel comfortable in your workspace. However, that can be challenging with nosey people peering through or the unwavering heat from the sun warming the place up. 

The solution?

Commercial window films! This product – when applied to your windows – acts as a protective barrier against gawkers and unbearable UV rays. The window tinting allows the sunlight to illuminate the room without letting it reach unpleasant temperatures. 

As such, it offers the perfect balance for any workspace. Additional commercial film window services include:

Commercial Solar Films

Do you find yourself tolerating an unabating glare through your window? Solar film tint can help. Solar film tint can diminish that menacing glare and allow you to fully concentrate on the work at hand. A glare-free computer screen is conducive to a more productive work day. 

Additionally, these commercial solar films will also prevent your furniture’s colour from fading due to exposure to the sun’s rays. The last thing you want is your customers to see sun-stained furniture in your workspace. Not a good look. 

However, this outcome can be avoided with the simple installation of commercial solar films. 

Designer & Etched Films & Printed Graphics 

Want to plaster your logo or emblem on your window? This can be done in a sleek and refined manner. Our large scope of designer & etched films & printed graphics allows us to discreetly add a professional appearance to your office space. Moreover, we can customize it and tailor it to your unique needs and preferences. 

Whether you want to outfit a council chamber, boardroom, or office space window pane, Spectra Light can add that sense of professionalism that matches your business. You simply select the room you want to accessorize, and then leave the rest to us. 

Security/Safety Films

Many accidents and unexpected incidents can compromise the integrity of your business windows. Storms, debris, attempted break ins, or even just normal wear and tear can all have its effects. For this reason, it’s important to protect yourself. And fortunately, protection is available with VISTA™/Llumar™ Magnum security films

This window tint is applied to your window – and as a result – will protect your glass from breaking or smashing. It’s a durable and robust window film that firmly stations your windows in position whenever a striking force collides with your glass. 

Coolvu Transitional Films

If you have an office that becomes overheated by the sun’s glaring rays, then Coolvu Transitional Films is the solution to your problem. This window tint variation utilizes technology to become a temperature-receptive window film. Hot days prompt the window film to transition to a darker tint; allowing you to remain cool. And the overcast days (as well as evenings and nights) offer an unobstructed window, while at the same time, fully optimizing any sunlight that is available. 


Your business is a place of labour. As such, ensuring the right degree of comfortability is paramount – not just for you – but for your employees as well. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to make it a pleasurable work environment for everybody. 

And installing the proper window film is an excellent way to make that happen, and here at Spectra Light, we want to help you achieve that aim. 
Contact us today to learn more.

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